Ridge Review https://mrhsridgereview.org The Student News Site of Mountain Ridge High School Sat, 25 Jan 2020 21:09:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.3.2 Monkey Business https://mrhsridgereview.org/2643/opinion/monkey-business/ https://mrhsridgereview.org/2643/opinion/monkey-business/#respond Thu, 23 Jan 2020 17:37:48 +0000 https://mrhsridgereview.org/?p=2643 Animals, or high schoolers? The actions taking place at Mountain Ridge makes it very difficult to tell. Everyone has their moments when they don’t make it to the bathroom in time, which leads to an unfortunate and uncomfortable event, but what has been taking place in the school restrooms is no accident. On Thursday, January 14th, Ridge changed their bathroom policy to try and manage these actions.


Ridge has installed some more constricting bathroom rules in order to make it a better place. Students were in the restrooms for over ten minutes in some instances. There are many reasons for why this needed to be done. But the real question is why are students taking so long in the bathroom, and what could they possibly be doing? They don’t understand how disrespectful their actions are. Now there is a greater consequence; limiting bathroom trips, and making the sign out that much harder.


A typical find in the high school restrooms is vaping. Students that are vaping in the bathroom are asking for a suspension. I know a couple of individuals who have even been suspended for the act. School is one of the worst possible places to vape. Yes, the school isn’t in control of what students put into their bodies at home, but when at school, they have a say in how students are disciplined for their decisions. It’s simple; no vaping. Instead, the bathrooms for both girls and boys have become a sanctuary to hide from the public eye. So don’t plan on texting the boys or your home girls to meet up in the bathroom for some “fun.” Just respect the rules. If you don’t, it makes school more difficult than it needs to be for everyone.


I don’t know whose genius idea it was to create an art studio in the bathroom, and I hate to break it to these students, but they aren’t Bob Ross. It’s funny how teachers now have to tell their students to not play with their poop. That’s so funny, the last time I heard that I fell off my dinosaur!  It’s even funnier how students think it’s hilarious to be poop bandits. I mean seriously, what are we five?


Aside from all of the disgusting actions in the bathroom, the vandalism is ridiculous and has gotten out of hand. Students are ripping apart the walls, and breaking things in the bathroom. It shows such little respect for their school. Therefore, the rules in place will show them that what they are doing was very wrong.


The immature decisions made by students have cost the other innocent students this trouble. Now, they have to suffer the consequences for the foolish students’ actions. Now instead of teachers being very relaxed when students ask to use the restroom, they have to worry about someone having diarrhea on the walls and finger painting with it.


As if the nasty behavior isn’t bad enough, my prayers go to the poor person who has to clean that crap up! I think I would throw up and cry if I even saw, or witnessed a student committing unnatural human behavior. How did they do this? How did they return back to class after doing so?


I can’t imagine someone thinking: “I am going to put my own poop in my hand, and rub it all over the place. The results would be fabulous!” There is no reason at all why someone would do that. The school janitors are not there to scrape poop off of the walls. Well, at least someone left them a delicious hamburger in the urinal.


The point is, whether students are vaping, using human body functions incorrectly, or vandalizing, there are new rules in place. Anyone who argues that these rules are no good can be the ones to make the poopie walls squeaky clean again. That’ll teach them!

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Scoring the Way to Greatness https://mrhsridgereview.org/2639/sports/scoring-the-way-to-greatness/ https://mrhsridgereview.org/2639/sports/scoring-the-way-to-greatness/#respond Wed, 22 Jan 2020 16:58:25 +0000 https://mrhsridgereview.org/?p=2639 The boy’s varsity soccer team has recently scored their way into greatness in their recent tournament. The boys were able to win the Bohdie Larson Celebration Classic through their teamwork, dedication, and ability to adapt to challenges.


Andrew Lang has been the varsity coach for the last 5 years. He has had a large amount of experience on the field through coaching boy’s JV for 5 years and girl’s varsity for 6 years. This season, Lang describes that the boys have performed very well. At the time of the interview, the team maintained a .500 record. Lang described this as a definite improvement from last season. Lang’s primary focus is on strengthening the team as a whole, and sees a bright future with the current players on the team.


Both Lang and senior captain Josh Heinz commented on the talent of the freshman players on the team. Lang is hopeful that these new players will carry on a strong future for the seasons to come. Lang and Hinze both mentioned freshman, Conor Geraghty, who has been a major asset to the team in scoring goals.


“Some of the freshman talent out there is exciting to watch,” Lang stated. “They play hard every single game.”


The boys put lots of work and time into each practice, working for 2 hours, Monday through Friday. Each practice covers a variety of skills including personal, technical, and tactical. The players are able to individually assess where they stand and find ways to get better. As a team, they focus on the game plan for the field, working as a team, and correcting mistakes. Lang tries to incorporate a variety of these skills in each practice to help fully equip his players.


Lang mentioned that some major highlights from the season has been one of his freshman players scoring a hat trick in a couple of games,  and receiving more goals from his center midfielder. Lang also stated that there have been a few mistakes defensively, but overall the defense is a very strong core group.


Before each game, Hinez described that his roles as a captain include getting everyone hyped up and making the chemistry work between the players. Lang described that Heinz, and other senior captain, Liam Engerholm have both done a wonderful job on the field.


There was no qualification necessary to compete in the tournament. Lang wanted to sign the team up for this one in particular to help get them back into shape after a long winter break. Leading up to the tournament, teams were split up into 4 different divisions: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. The boys were placed in the second gold division, making 12 total teams playing.


The boys brought home a winning plaque by taking 2 out of the 3 games. They lost against Shadow Ridge when they surprised the boys with an interesting tactic. Lang describes that the opponents had “parked the bus” on them, making it nearly impossible to score.


“They call it ‘parking the bus’ because imagine if you put Greyhound busses across the field and trying to score a goal around that,” Lang said.


Unfortunately, the boys lost 0-1; however, they were able to practice getting around that tricky situation if ever placed into it again.


The team was able to take the other two games against Peoria and Mesquite. During the Peoria game, the teams were tied 1-1 at the final whistle, which led to penalty kicks in order to settle a win. Lang described how two of his goalkeepers were out sick or injured, so back up keeper, Rehan Zafar, stepped in, saving 2 of the 3 goals taken. Upon Ridge’s penalty kicks, each of the 4 shooters managed to put their goals in, bringing a win of 4-0. The following day, the boys played Mesquite in the finals, and brought home a 3-0 win.


“It’s [the win] great! It’s the first time that Mountain Ridge boy’s soccer has won any kind of hardware in probably 12 years or so. So a long, long time,” Lang said.


For the next four weeks, the boys will be up against some very strong teams every Tuesday and Friday. This past Tuesday, they played against Westview, and will have a sectional play coming up next. The goal is to continue their .500 streak, in order to get into the state tournament.


The boys continue their season with big games against OC, Liberty and Chaparral before their final home game (and senior night) against Boulder Creek.

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The Speech and Debate Competition https://mrhsridgereview.org/2632/features/the-speech-and-debate-competition/ https://mrhsridgereview.org/2632/features/the-speech-and-debate-competition/#respond Wed, 22 Jan 2020 16:53:04 +0000 https://mrhsridgereview.org/?p=2632 Our first official Speech and Debate club at Mountain Ridge was formed last semester, and their first competition is coming up! On January 24 and 25, around 22 Ridge kids will be competing at their first competition, with about 12 students sectioned off into debate and 10 into speech.


Competing in either speech or debate can be beneficial for many different reasons, as is explained by club president Tony Ruan,


“It teaches a skill that a lot of kids aren’t really exposed to at a younger age. A lot of figures today that are prominent in the public spectrum, including supreme court justices, legislators, and a lot of current presidential candidates have been involved in speech and debate because it allows them to deliver their arguments coherently and articulately,” Ruan said.


So, having skills like these can help students interested in politics or diplomacy learn how to communicate in a way that’s appropriate for the field. However, it’s important to note that speech and debate are two separate associations with smaller competitions within them. Debate is much more confrontational, with arguments happening on the spot to keep competitors on their toes. Speech, however, is more of a presentation. Instead of directly responding to another team’s idea, competitors can either choose to reinterpret a published work and present it, or create their own original work.


Plus, the prompts for the two competitions are both different. For the debate teams the topics focus much more on moral and economic issues in the US and around the world.


“For example, one of the events is on whether or not the US should end economic sanctions on Venezuela, which is a very real world and modern political issue. Another topic is incredibly vague and philosophical, and it’s “objective morality exists,” so that’s clearly not as applicable to politics, but it still spans modern issues,” said Ruan.


These are difficult topics to tackle, and the team takes a lot of time to prepare. For the topic of Venezuela, which Ruan will be competing in, he has to stay updated on current events constantly to form an opinion. It also takes a few committed work days to form arguments for both sides, since the team doesn’t get to choose their position.


Although the team is already set for this tournament and their upcoming one in March, people can still join. There’s plenty of time to join the roster for the big March competition as long as your signup fee is paid and your arguments or presentations are made. If you don’t plan on joining, you’re still encouraged to go watch and support the team at Basis Peoria, with debate competing next Friday at 3PM and Speech competing the next day from 9AM to 2PM. Go support the new team!

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Realistic Resolutions https://mrhsridgereview.org/2634/entertainment/realistic-resolutions/ https://mrhsridgereview.org/2634/entertainment/realistic-resolutions/#respond Tue, 21 Jan 2020 17:44:39 +0000 https://mrhsridgereview.org/?p=2634 “New year, new me!” is something heard far too often during the start of every new year. Whether the goal in mind be weight loss, academic improvement, or blooming into a social butterfly, almost every person daydreams about where they want to be by the end of the coming year.


Considering all the interest in resolutions and self change, on average 80% of resolutions fall through. With this noted, resolutions can be eyed as a silly public stunt in order to mock the new year as a way to suddenly change one’s self. The reality simply is, typical resolutions are lofty, broad ideas that are put into place in order to aim for a new found joy as the new year rounds the corner. Unhappy with where they are by the end of the past twelve months, they set for a future better than their current state, thus planting small seeds of change that will never get sufficient water. Unfortunately the goals run farther and farther out of sight. Keeping up with them is too hard and unrealistic, ultimately leading to burn outs. To change this, here is a list of pinpointed, smaller, realistic goals that everyone should put on their calendars with the hopes of seeing growth by the end of 2020.


  • Eat one healthy meal a day: As simple as it sounds, starting slow and building up this habit is a smarter way to attack this goal. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, making one healthy choice a day can pan out to build a healthy lifestyle. A healthier choice would be to eye fruits and add colors to the plate over processed “food,” as good as it may be.


  • Finish a water bottle during the school day: Water is obviously of huge importance to the body. Hydrating daily and using the bottle as a gauge to keep someone accountable over the course of a seven hour school day is one way to better oneself for the year. It is easy and will spark change. Start slow with one water and see where it can go. Being fully nourished with water can help all over the scale of health.


  • Study for 10 minutes: Whether it’s the hardest class on the schedule or the easiest, hitting the books and valuing the potential of education is a path that will surely help someone to see the results over the year. Realistically, the ten minutes can be squeezed in. The phone can go down and the books up. Building smart study habits, for anyone, is a lifestyle change that won’t go away when the new year high fades as the months go by.


  • Talk to one new person: Making new friends, and venturing out of one’s comfort zone is not ideal, especially in a stressful environment such as school. Despite this, friends are what get students through the harder days. Making meaningful friendships is essential to a healthy mindset throughout the spring semester, which tags behind the new years. If making friends don’t come natural to someone, a pinpointed resolution should be to begin in one class and start up a conversation with a new person. Schools are filled with like-minded people and meeting a match is simply a roll of the dice. When students begin to gamble with new friends they just might hit the lottery. Easy ways to get through ice-breakers are to ask about the other person, since it is easy to talk about one’s self. If a student begins there, by the end of the year they just might have their complement.


Aiming for the stars is flashy and inviting when everyone seems to begin 2020 there. With these relatively simple and realistically achievable goals lay on one’s schedule for the beginning of the year, they will build the habits that will take them so much farther than a simple wish to be better, like too many wide-eyed people do. If this is something small that can be done, imagine where the finish line can lie.

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What About AP European History? https://mrhsridgereview.org/2629/school-news/what-about-ap-european-history/ https://mrhsridgereview.org/2629/school-news/what-about-ap-european-history/#respond Tue, 21 Jan 2020 17:34:06 +0000 https://mrhsridgereview.org/?p=2629 There are many different choices when it comes down to which classes to take, especially for one’s senior year. It’s really quite the predicament; one that many struggle with when considering credit necessities or how quickly registration deadlines come around. Still, there’s a new option available to students next year, one that I think might be of some interest to history lovers.


Next year, Mr. Rosinbum will be teaching AP European History; the class will be taught similarly to his own AP U.S. History class, which is one often taken by juniors here at Ridge. The course begins with the Renaissance and Reformation era in Europe and will end on the topic of contemporary European affairs.


Considering that the class is set to start up next year, for those who have enrolled the experience should be unique and interesting (with lots of improvisation on behalf of Rosinbum). It’s going to be experimental, but if the class kicks off, it’ll likely be interesting and a good bit of fun.


So, as one of Rosinbum’s AP U.S. History students, I advocate on behalf of both him as well as the rest of my class for any interested students to sign up for the experience whenever it becomes available; I do think that it’ll be a treat.


That does bring up another thought, however, that being whether or not students should also choose other lesser known classes that are offered by the school. I recommend that everyone should sort through their registration catalogue next time in search for any lesser known classes that seem valuable and interesting; it’s always great to strive for new experiences, and help fledgling programs grow.

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The Reality of Seeing Teachers Outside of School https://mrhsridgereview.org/2599/staff-picks/the-reality-of-seeing-teachers-outside-of-school/ https://mrhsridgereview.org/2599/staff-picks/the-reality-of-seeing-teachers-outside-of-school/#respond Fri, 17 Jan 2020 17:16:56 +0000 https://mrhsridgereview.org/?p=2599 Seeing teachers outside of school can initiate interesting situations for many students. If you happen to see your instructor in public, you may end up trying to dodge them in stores, hide under the dashboard of your car, or cover your face with the menu of your favorite restaurant; just to avoid an awkward interaction with them. Personally, I have been seeing teachers outside of school for a few years now, and honestly I am not phased by it like many are.


For the last year or two I have seen some teachers outside of school a lot. I have been coaching volleyball alongside my sister, mom, and a teacher from Ridge for a while. With two teachers, Mr. Devenney and Mr. Korman, from Ridge having kids on the team and one of them being one of my own teachers has been interesting ever since I started my high school year, two years ago. 

My teacher’s daughter being a part of the team makes us see each other every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It was interesting at first but now seeing these teachers outside of school has become a very common thing for me.


Getting teased by them is now the new norm, but when people find out that I see some teachers outside of school they make it seem like it’s very strange and I just don’t see how. I am asked the same questions over and over again, “is it strange?” or “ do you feel awkward?” I always come back with the same answer, no. 


Knowing teachers outside of school is honestly interesting especially when you hear your teacher say, “See you on Saturday,” for volleyball, while everyone just stands there and stares. 


During my freshman year, it was my first time having a parent from my sister’s team as my new high school teacher. At practice and games they are joking around and yelling at their kids when they do something wrong. Mr. Devenney, while coaching alongside my mom, is always telling his daughter to move her feet way more than the other girls. But I am the exact same way with my little sister. But having Mr. Korman grade me on my work, make sure I turn everything in on time, and make sure not to fail at anything was very interesting in my first years.


Many will say it’s weird but honestly it is probably one of the most interesting things; I have had the same teacher for the last two years, and now I have him a third time and his daughter has still been on the team with us for the entire time. In my mind it would be weird not having him as a teacher every day, but when I graduate from high school, it will feel weird not coaching volleyball and seeing the volleyball parent every day at school.

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Girls Varsity Basketball Loses to Pinnacle 74-41 https://mrhsridgereview.org/2618/sports/girls-varsity-basketball-loses-to-pinnacle-74-41/ https://mrhsridgereview.org/2618/sports/girls-varsity-basketball-loses-to-pinnacle-74-41/#respond Thu, 16 Jan 2020 17:38:31 +0000 https://mrhsridgereview.org/?p=2618 Ridge’s girls varsity basketball team lost to the Pinnacle Pioneers last night, despite a valiant effort from the team which was led by Jordan Kress.

This was the teams tenth game this season, having lost to Pinnacle the team is at a 6:4 win/loss ratio.

As for the rest of the season, Ridge will be rooting for the team in the hopes that they keep their winning record. 


Jordan Kress (#12)


Lauren Maza owned the court as a shooting guard and gave the team a major leg-up over Pinnacle.

Lauren Maza (#3) Shay Figueroa (#23)

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Ever-Captivating Captain Bill’s https://mrhsridgereview.org/2614/features/ever-captivating-captain-bills/ https://mrhsridgereview.org/2614/features/ever-captivating-captain-bills/#respond Wed, 15 Jan 2020 17:04:38 +0000 https://mrhsridgereview.org/?p=2614 I think we can all agree that Subway starts to get a little boring after a while, as for most of us it’s our go-to sub shop. I’ve never been much of a fan of Jimmy John’s; Firehouse is alright. I’d recommend Blimpies but that’s over in Scottsdale for those of you who know what I’m talking about. Yet let’s say that you’re just hungry enough to leave the house for food, and you really want a sub, but just apathetic to the point in which you need to avoid a chain-series of sub spots; what’s the solution to this peculiar predicament? The answer is simple, phone up Captain Bill’s Submarine. Captain Bill’s is located down in Phoenix, at 10645 N. 35th Ave, and has held a strong place in the hearts of starving passerbys since 1981. Since the restaurant was established, it’s been serving quality subs at cheap prices; the interior maintains a unique, vintage look that doesn’t seem to have changed much since it was built. Polaroids blanket the walls, placed alongside long-defunct phone numbers which were carved into wooden panelling before any of us were even conceived. It’s a familial atmosphere that’s desperately needed in today’s climate of eateries (similar qualities are found in the likes of Moe’s/Lenny’s Burgers in downtown Glendale, etc.) Captain Bill’s distinctive scenery is paired alongside good food and a friendly troupe of employees, thus there’s no real reason not to go check the place out. I’m a pretty big guy who personally enjoys the 17’’ tuna sub, but there are good choices for anyone (including vegetarian options, if that’s your thing.) As their own website, charming and amateurish in it’s presentation, states itself: “Whether you’re grabbing lunch with friends or coworkers, going on a fun date, or craving a late night snack, CB’s is the place to be.” So don’t feel guilty about buying that huge, overloaded sandwich, as you’re only working to further a good cause and a legacy that we should hope never dies out in our changing world.

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Australian Bushfires Destroy Environment and Diminish Wildlife Populations https://mrhsridgereview.org/2611/features/australian-bushfires-destroy-environment-and-diminish-wildlife-populations/ https://mrhsridgereview.org/2611/features/australian-bushfires-destroy-environment-and-diminish-wildlife-populations/#respond Tue, 14 Jan 2020 20:07:19 +0000 https://mrhsridgereview.org/?p=2611 Australia is undergoing one of the worst bushfires in its history, with currently over 120 active fires ravaging the country, those of which have already destroyed more than 25 million acres (an area of land slightly smaller than India, culminating in damages worse than the past 15 years combined). The fires have been burning since September of last year, and are expected to continue for as long as the hot weather continues. The direct cause of the start of the fire is undetermined, but at the moment 24 Australian citizens have been charged with arson.


As Australia emerges from both its hottest and driest year on record, experts suggest that climate change and drastic weather variation is the most probable cause and that no act of arson could account for the tremendous amount of damage that has been done. 


High temperatures combined with wind gusts as high as 80 mph are rapidly spreading flames. On the 19th of December, the country reached 121.8°F, which is their highest recorded temperature since 1960. 


Residents and tourists residing in New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia are being urged to evacuate immediately due to high levels or carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide in the air. These gases reduce oxygen levels in the body, and can shut down vital organs.


The smoke continues to travel, and has blown across thousands of miles eastward to cover New Zealand with a blanket of heavy ash and soot. 


Australia is inhabited by over 20,000 species, 90 percent of which are unique to that country. So far, ecologists have developed a low estimate that over 1 billion animals have been killed by the fires, with many unique species being expected to go extinct. Some are being killed by the flames directly; others from dehydration, starvation, or the loss of natural habitat. 


Even in the face of evacuation warnings, many who work at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park are standing ground, fighting for the more than 800 animals in their care, including koalas, various reptiles, penguins, and other aquatic species. More than a third of the park has already been destroyed, with many having been wiped out by the fire. 


Officials plan to cull at least ten thousand camels in South Australia in response to the concern for public safety and water shortages. These animals are often found roaming the streets of Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) looking for water, where there is very little for the residents.


“Given ongoing dry conditions and the large camel congregations threatening all of the main APY communities and infrastructure, immediate camel control is needed,” says APY’s general manager Richard King.


Australia is currently experiencing what’s possibly the worst drought in 800 years, having spanned over 3 winters with little to no precipitation.


Large towns in New South Wales are facing extreme water shortages and NSW fears some towns will run dry in the next couple of weeks, the latest by mid 2020. 


The Lachlan and Naomi River will run dry come March. Storm King Dam in Queensland is expected to run dry by Christmas of this year.


Google is now providing a donation service to anyone who wants to donate to the cause. Just search, “How can I help Australia?”, or visit https://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/donate1 to donate to Victorian firefighters and communities in need. The Ridge community is offering its full support towards the effort in Australia.

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How Far is Too Far? https://mrhsridgereview.org/2606/opinion/how-far-is-too-far/ https://mrhsridgereview.org/2606/opinion/how-far-is-too-far/#respond Tue, 14 Jan 2020 20:04:12 +0000 https://mrhsridgereview.org/?p=2606 In considering the traits that make up a leader one may list the following: strength, willingness to take action, boldness, determination, honesty, compassion for others, selfless; the list goes on. However, when it comes to making a great leader, these characteristics must have an even balance to make sure that leaders are not too dominating, or the opposite, too soft. 


In regards to the past almost four years, Americans have gotten to know their current President very well. Unlike most presidents before, Trump is known to be a very vocal representative. Through the use of social media, Trump has tweeted out some considerably bold statements and comments during the course of his presidency. His posts are commonly controversial, and in some instances, false. However, at the same time some of his posts may actually benefit the country. 


In a New York Times investigation published in November of last year, Trump “retweeted 217 accounts that have not been verified by Twitter,” and several others that “have published conspiracy or fringe content, including more than two dozen that have since been suspended by Twitter. Back in July, the House of Representatives voted to censure him for “racist comments” he had tweeted a few days before the decision. Trump’s use of social media has done a great number of negative things to his overall popularity, and his advisers have warned him about some of the things he puts out there. 


The fact that Trump has the guts to post such things out for the public eye to see does show that he has a great deal of boldness within him; however, the fact that his contributions to the internet are not always true can cause a major loss in citizen trust. The beliefs on reasons why he posts what he does vary. A very common belief is that Trump craves the media’s attention. And through some of his comments, this idea can be very convincing. Regardless of his reasoning, most of what he posts does not help his overall popularity. 


According to Rolling Stone, in January of 2018, Trump tweeted, “North Korea Leader Kim Jon Un just stated that the ‘Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.’ Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”


By poking at other countries in this fashion, a pot is stirred that probably shouldn’t be. Comments like this one can possibly anger countries, and make them more susceptible to conflicts with others.


Not only has he posted risky things like this, but he has also blocked individuals online for posting comments he didn’t agree with or particularly like. In fact, a recent case affirmed that Trump engaged in unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination, and it was concluded that he had violated the First Amendment after he had blocked Plaintiffs for posting critical messages about him and his policies. The Plaintiffs sued him for this. 


Despite the negatives that social media has had on our president, some would say that it has benefited him significantly. George Lakoff, an author and Professor Emeritus of California University, Berkeley, describes that “Trump uses social media as a weapon to control the news cycle. It works like a charm. His tweets are tactical rather than substantive.” Lakoff even created a chart to further demonstrate his point that categorizes Trump’s tweets into four categories: preemptive framing, diversion, deflection, and trial balloon. 


Lakoff describes preemptive framing as “being the first to frame an idea.” Diversion is described as “divert attention from real issues.” Deflection is an “attack messenger, charge direction.” Finally, the trial balloon is released to “test public reaction.”


Trump has also been known to claim that his social media is personal, rather than strictly ran by politics and for show. By posting these sometimes outrageous things online, he is really putting himself out there. In other words, he is not being censored by the government, which allows the people to get to know the real Trump. Often, politics are hidden during their campaigns and time in office to avoid flaws being exposed to the public eye. However, with Trump, people can see clearly how open he is about his opinions, which helps us to fully get to know who our president is.


In addition to knowing who our president is, Trump tweets also give the public insight into why he does the things he does and we get fast updates on what is going on. These two facts allow citizens to not be left in the dark. 


A little over a week ago Trump tweeted, “General Qassem Soleimani has killed or badly wounded thousands of Americans over an extended period of time, and was plotting to kill many more…but got caught! He was directly and indirectly responsible for the death of millions of people, including the recent large number of PROTESTERS killed in Iran herself…” 


This statement is in fact, true, as Soleimani played a crucial role in initiating a violent response against protesters. Trump’s use of the media also enables him to get the word out quickly. 


Soon after Iran launched missiles at the two military bases, Trump tweeted, “All is well! Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq. Assessment of casualties & damages taking place now. So far, so good! We have the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world, by far! I will be making a statement tomorrow morning.”


Trump’s use of social media may have an effect on the future of the United States Presidency. By being this bold on his accounts with information and opinions, he might inspire other politicians to take on a similar boldness and put out the truth of who they really are and what is really going on. 


There are really many ways to look at Trump’s usage of social media over the past years. From the information gathered, I would conclude that boldness is a great characteristic of a leader. However, in being bold, it is also important to be truthful. When it comes to leadership, especially as president, your words can cause some significant damage if they are not properly censored. There needs to be an even balance of directness and silence when it comes to certain issues. Words can either help or hurt people, and Trump has certainly experienced both of those cases with his words. 


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